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Vieth Duct Cleaning LLC: About Us

Our Mission in Menominee

Vieth Duct Cleaning LLC is committed to providing Menominee homes and businesses with practical and effective ventilation cleaning services that help eliminate health concerns and reduce energy costs. Proud of its many years of dedicated service in the Menominee region, our entire staff is committed to providing customers with the most updated industry expertise.

Finding Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Indoor air quality has become an increasing concern for both residential and commercial property owners. Vieth Duct Cleaning LLC recognizes the need to identify air quality problems and provide concrete solutions that meet the specific needs of business and homeowners in Menominee. We have adapted our air duct cleaning services to address many issues that range from problems with excessive moisture and humidity, to the permanent removal of allergens, contaminants and many other concerns that may adversely affect indoor environments.

Residential or Commercial

We have developed unique methods for cleaning HVAC and appliance ductwork and provide qualified services for any type of residential or commercial systems found within single family homes, condominiums, apartment buildings, or large commercial complexes.

Advanced Equipment and Expertise

In order to meet the needs of our customers Vieth Duct Cleaning LLC staff regularly takes part in training upgrades and the latest HVAC inspection and cleaning advancements. Our HVAC cleaning equipment and vehicles are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards and can handle the requirements of any home or commercial system.

Proud to serve the needs of Menominee residents for many years.